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Plating & Metal Polishing

We offer the finest in electro-plated silver, nickel, chrome, brass, copper, and decorative 24kt gold.  We also provide polishing services for a wide variety of items including religious items, household hardware, antiques and heirlooms.

All pricing is given “per piece”, after a review and estimate based

    on the condition and work necessary to repair the item presented!

Product Information

Polishing: We polish items to high brilliance for pieces that include car, boat and motorcycle parts, stainless steel and aluminum trim. Brass, copper, pewter, and silver relics that include flatware and hollowware, candlesticks, religious items, planters, door hardware, and much more

Repairs: We can provide small repairs for items such as sterling silver and silver plate items: handles, finials, lids, dents, and bent tops, flatware, and much more.

Lacquer: Lacquer can be applied to your items to prevent future tarnish and discoloration. Lacquer is intended for display items only. Not for contact with food, direct heat, or polishing compounds.

Gold: 24kt decorative gold plating for items including jewelry, decorative antiques and small collectibles, small parts for clocks and lamps, gold lining in silver items.

Silver: Our silver plating items include hollowware and flatware, candlesticks, candelabras, tea sets, trays, samovars, hand mirror frames, vases, epergnes, jewelry, etc.

Nickel: We offer a bright or brushed nickel plated finish. Typical items include household fixtures and hardware, musical instruments and parts.

Brass and Copper: Typical items plated in brass and copper include household hardware and fixtures. lamps, sconces, hinges, door handles, knockers, etc.

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